picture me rollin'

A by Joshua Citrak

Where these kids come from, the corner hustler is their most reliable father figure.

In the style of Junot Diaz's "Drown" and Justin Torres' "We the Animals," "Picture Me Rollin'" is a potent YA cross-over, fiercely protraying youth forgotten in the grind of an urban culture affected by a flawed community.

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Though their skewed 'hood influences leave them adrift, these kids aren't lost.

Joshua Citrak

The winner of Opium Magazine’s Literary Death Match #13. Previous work of mine can be found in Instant City, The Farallon Review, SoMa Literary Review, Small Spiral Notebook, Air in the Paragraph, Stirring and Blue Review. Parts of PICTURE ME ROLLIN’ have appeared in Awkward #2, Oyster Boy Review #20, The Sweet Life and Paragraph Line. I am a writer in residence at the Castro Writers Co-op, a creative and collaborative home for a diverse group of best selling authors, Emmy winning journalists, indie film producers and leading academics, and publish the online magazine, slouch.